35: The Iceman Cometh

The gang cuts loose for an unedited half-hour On the Range of Val Kilmer. This is one is short and very sweet–perfect for sharing with friends!

IN THE TANK: Lindelof on Endings (May 22-28)

Damon Lindelof, the showrunner of HBO’s The Leftovers, has more reason than most to be touchy when it comes to the subject of endings. He was, along with key collaborators Carlton Cuse and J.J. Abrams, held responsible for what much of the viewing public considered to be the quintessential example of a failed series finale: the one for Lost. (Although The Sopranos’ not-an-ending is a close runner-up in the public imagination.) (more…)

IN THE THE TANK: Departing SNL (May 15-21)

The finale of Saturday Night Live’s 42nd season aired this week, and with it, the final appearances of cast members Bobby Moynihan, Vanessa Bayer, and Sasheer Zamata. None of them were quite the star player; as the only person to win an Emmy as a regular member of the SNL cast, Kate McKinnon gets to wear that halo. Nor were any of them the longest running cast member (it’s starting to feel like a distinct possibility that honor will ALWAYS belong to Kenan Thompson). But each of them made their own impact on NBC’s dogged late-night institution. Before examining these departures, though, I’d like to muse on a different, hypothetical one. (more…)

34: Crazy/Powerful

Legion. Is it the most powerful adaptation of comic book material we’ve yet seen–or just the craziest? We spend the whole hour on the fascinating show from Noah Hawley and FX.

33: Small Wonders

Before tackling the second half of P.T. Anderson’s career in our recurring segment The Director’s Chair, we talk weird shows from childhood.

32: Hanks for the Memories

Revisiting Tom Hanks’ career is like flipping through a family photo album. And in a weird sort of way, so is revisiting Paul Thomas Anderson’s early career.

IN THE TANK: Johnson & Swanberg, petrichor, Fallon on SNL (April 17-23)

Last week Netflix began streaming Win It All, a new film from Joe Swanberg, who has been making small, interesting films for just over a decade–and has been able to direct almost twenty films in that time. (more…)