Show Notes for Episode 22: Thin Line Between Love & Hate

Listen to the episode here!

Part, the first: Miranda’s evolving relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio
–Romeo & Juliet are the weakest parts of Romeo & Juliet
–Howard Hughes talkin’ about aerodynamic titties
–the primacy of Entertainment Weekly in the 90s
–Leo might be two kids in a trenchcoat

–yeah he’s got a pretty face, but he’ll act
–Tom Hanks: there’s an episode we should do

Part, the second: Victor’s disillusionment with Darren Aronofsky
–The Golden Ratio is following Victor’s father (am I getting that right?)
Pi proves brain damage can do great things for a person
Requiem for a Dream uses a lot of SnorriCam
–go watch Beyond the Mat, forget The Wrestler
–Miranda likes movies with big waves in it
–The twist is that I suck now.

Part, the third: Eddie talks the Passion of Bruce
–Devo and the Thompson Twins: cool; John Cougar Mellencamp and Born in the USA: not cool
–crying into the dishwater while listening to “The River”
–Bruce Springsteen is not Dad Rock; Bruce Springsteen is ‘rock about dads’
–without Bruce, there is no “Born in East L.A.,” so…
–there were no blue collars in Victor’s neighborhood
–karaoke epiphanies from Tuscon, Arizona

–Charlie Kaufman is an amazing screenwriter and these films happen to be directed by Spike
–directing videos where Christopher Walken dances, and ones where Spike Jonze dances
Sassy, Sonic Youth, Harmony Korine, Chloe Sevigny, cool kids skateboarding
–remember that one Gap commercial?
–the absurd put in these cliche, movie video boxes: Phantom Planet, Sean Lennon, UNKLE
–“If I WERE Spike, I WOULD say…”
Her could have been a music video, maybe for Daft Punk
–what is Spike’s blank sincerity as a documentarian trying to say?
–Spike Jonze: a much cooler version of Tom Green
–The Open-Hearted Pranksterism of Spike Jonze (belated segment title)

Song: “Level Up” by Cartoon Violence

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