Contributor: Sam Petersen

Sam is a professional master baker who enjoys playing D&D, watching drag queens, and teaching wayward youth how to cook in her free time.

Sam Petersen appears in 19 episodes:

17: Lady Geek Touchstones

Touchstones or landmines? Miranda and Sam explain Howl’s Moving Castle and all things Studio Ghibli to Eddie, then interview author Leslie Light about gaming while female.

16: Never Split Up the Party

The gang’s all here to discuss HarmonQuest and a subject near to our collective heart: Role-playing games!

15: Sooo… What Else Has Been Goin’ On?

Is Leslie Knope the Anti-Trump? Do some phrases need to be retired from comedy? Do we need the term “revival” as distinct from “reboot”? Eddie, Miranda, and Sam attempt to answer these questions.

14: Too Damn Young to Be Watching Scary Movies

Take a trip down traumatizing memory lane with Eddie, Miranda, and Sam, then stick around for The Spirit & The Letter, with Patrick, as we wrap-up of our two-part talk on the Ninja Turtles.

13: Henny Youngman Never Said There’d Be Jokes Like This

Take My Wife, the brilliant comedy series from Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, proves lesbians on TV don’t always have to die. And, in recurring segment The Spirit & The Letter, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just WON’T die. The gang discusses both of these phenomena on the thirteenth episode of Shoot the Projectionist.

12: Couple’a Book Reports

Eddie and Miranda talk about a grab bag of topics including Questlove’s memoir, The Wicked and The Divine, and beef jerky, before being joined by Sam for more on Netflix’s The Get Down!

11: Sparks That Tell a Story

The influence of disco and the club kid scene on early hip-hop; the divinity of Jaden Smith; Nas’s place in history; and many other related topics when Sam Petersen returns to join Eddie and Miranda for a get down on Netflix’s The Get Down.

9: Barely Contained Hysteria

Hosts Eddie and Miranda eulogize Gene Wilder; then Sam Petersen joins Miranda for a rousing discussion of The Great British Baking Show.

8: So Many Versions of Future Past

The X-Men have been to a lot of different apocalyptic futures. We try to talk about all of them, in an episode-length version of our recurring segment on reboot culture, The Spirit & The Letter. Eddie and Patrick are joined by new contributor Sam Petersen.